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Trusted Stump Grinding in Gig Harbor

Stump grinding turns those stubborn and unsightly stumps into organic mulch that can be used in your flower beds or it can be hauled away if you need to re-seed a lawn. Contact us to get an estimate to remove those stumps.

Stump Grinding in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Bremerton, & Tacoma

Austin Gilmore Arborist LLC provides trusted Stump Grinding & Removal in Pierce, Kitsap, & Mason counties. There are many reasons a stump would need to be removed, our stump grinder will fit through most backyard gates and grind nearly any size stump.  Calling 811(Call Before you Dig) is always recommended before any stump grinding is done.

Reasons to Stump Grind in Gig Harbor

You will always speak to the owner. Call us to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.


-Unsightly or ugly stump near      landscaping

-Tree stumps can be hazardous to        pedestrians and/or vehicles

-Old stumps can attract unwanted insects

-Make lawn mowing very difficult

-Stop unwanted re-growth of deciduous stumps

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