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We are always proud to provide our skilled and educated service to the Gig Harbor trees in need. Our Certified Arborist can make suggestions on how your trees should be properly pruned. Contact us for your ornamental tree pruning and trimming needs.

Ornamental Tree Pruning following ANSI A300 Standards

Austin Gilmore Arborist LLC provides highly qualified pruning services for your ornamental trees. A Certified Arborist shall always follow ANSI A300 Tree Pruning Standards to ensure the best long term result for your trees. Our Certified Arborist will maintain the health of your trees to ensure they keep your beautiful Gig Harbor landscaping looking pristine.

Common Ornamental Trees in Gig Harbor

You will always speak to the owner. Call us to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.


  • Maples

  • Dogwoods

  • Birches

  • Flowering Cherries

  • Flowering Plums

  • and other Ornamental Trees

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