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Certified Arborist on EVERY JOBSITE!

Not only will our skills and expertise help maintain the health of your tree, but the fruit will benefit as well. If you have any questions on why or how your trees should be pruned CONTACT HERE!! 


Our Certified Arborist can also help with your ornamental trees and Hedge Trimming in Gig Harbor & Port Orchard

Maintain  healthy fruit trees with pruning by an ISA Certified Arborist

Whether you just have one in your backyard or dozens on your fruit farm, Austin Gilmore Arborist LLC will help you maintain the health and structure of your trees. We always follow ANSI A300 Tree Pruning Standards to ensure the best long term goals. Certified Arborist services will help keep your Gig Harbor fruit trees from breaking or getting overgrown.

Gig Harbor/Port Orchard Fruit trees

You will always speak to the owner. Call us to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.


  • Individual Fruit Trees

  • Fruit Tree farms

  • Pear trees

  • Apple trees

  • Peach trees

  • Other fruit trees

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