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By austingilmo5153765, Apr 5 2017 03:33AM

Photos of previous projects, new truck & stump grinder decals, as well as new Yard Armor Mats, that help further protect well landscaped yards from trucks & equipment. Don't think because its April that pruning season is almost over, Summer pruning is a great way to reduce those notorious watersprouts on Thundercloud plum trees.

By austingilmo5153765, Feb 4 2017 05:31AM

We recently added Stump Grinding to our services. So when you have an unwanted stump you need removed, we can help.

Some reasons to have Stump Grinding done include:

-Unsightly or ugly stump near landscaping

-Tree stumps can be hazardous to pedestrians and/or vehicles

-Old stumps can attract unwanted insects

-Make lawn mowing very difficult

-Stop unwanted re-growth of deciduous stumps

Stump Grinding turns those useless stumps into organic wood chips. If you need those wood chips hauled away so you can re-seed for a lawn, we can do that as well. Calling 811 (call before you dig) to get underground utilites located prior to stump grinding is always recommended. Visit our Stump Grinding page to see past projects, and Contact us here to get an estimate on your stump grinding needs.

By austingilmo5153765, Dec 6 2016 09:24PM

Its December and its finally getting cold out. The leaves are off the deciduous trees and the branch structure can be seen. They are dormant and it is a great time to get some pruning done. Since I have never seen two of the same exact tree, each and every tree I look at has their own issues that need to be addressed. Because the word "pruning" is such a broad term, you should be asking yourself, Do i know why I am having my tree(s) pruned? Or more importantly, Does the individual pruning my tree(s) know why they are doing it? When hiring a tree service or an arborist, always make sure the contractor and yourself both know why any trees are being pruned in the first place and what will be accompished by pruning.

By austingilmo5153765, Nov 21 2016 09:50PM

Environmental Benifits

-Improve air quality

-Sequesters carbon, thus reducing greenhouse effect

-Energy conservation, by protecting surroundings from sun and wind

-Keeps the air cool through transpiration

-Stormwater runoff and erosion reduction

-Habitat for wildlife

Aesthetic Benefits

-Makes a community more beautiful

-Screens unappealing views

Economic Benefits

-Increases property values (residential & commercial)

-Increases tax base for community

-Inviting for business', visitors, and new residents

-Increases rental of apartments, reduces vacancy rates

-Encourages shoppers to linger

-Reduces maintenance on degrading pavement from heat

Psychological and Social Benefits

-Reduction in stress and mental fatigue

-Enhance mental health

-Enhances recuperation time

-Reduction in crime

-Raises community pride

-Heal and restore communities

-Increases recreational opportunities

By austingilmo5153765, Nov 3 2016 03:23AM

- Just because it will most likely rain everyday this month, don't forget about those trees. The leaves are coming down off those deciduous trees and making a mess of your yard. Anytime after those leave come off is a good time to do some light last minute pruning to prevent storm damage. It is also a good time to put down some organic mulch on those root zones to prevent erosion from all this heavy rain.

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