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By austingilmo5153765, Dec 12 2018 01:25AM

Here are some various photos from recent jobs at Austin Gilmore, Arborist LLC.

It's the middle of december, winter has been unusually mild so far in the Pacific Northwest, which means a great time to get those trees pruned while they are dormant. Call for a pruning estimate now. If you are worried about those late winter winds affecting your valued trees, Call now for Consulting Services from Austin Gilmore, Arborist LLC 253-973-5153

By austingilmo5153765, Jun 11 2018 03:53AM

Summer is nearly here, it is a great time to put some mulch/woodchips down around your favorite trees.

Mulch Benifits:

-Keeps soil saturated during long dry periods.

-Keeps weeds from growing and competing with tree roots.

-Prevents soil compaction.

-Reduces mechanical damage from mowers and line trimmers.

We have recently started offering Mini Skid Steer Services such as debris & meterial hauling or moving, mulching tree root zones, underbrush cutting and/or hauling, and light duty excavating/grading.

By austingilmo5153765, Mar 5 2018 12:40AM

As usual it was a windy winter with many fallen trees and limbs in the Pacific Northwest. After all that wind has died down, it is great time to have an ISA Certified Arborist out to look over your trees to make sure there are not any hanging limbs or uprooting trees you have not spotted. It is also a great time to get some last minute pruning done before spring. Also, don't forget to schedule that summer time pruning, which is an especially effective time to prune to reduce watersprouts

By austingilmo5153765, Sep 17 2017 11:00PM

It's September, it's raining, & trees are certainly happy about it. It is a great time to schedule that last minute consult with a Certified Arborist before the winds start blowing. The company Chip truck & Chipper got some new stickers and looks a little more presentable now. Also, now that it has rained and isn't nearly as dusty, it is a great time to get any stump grinding done. If you are concerned about yard damage from machinery, no need to worry, we have the necessary hard plastic yard mats to prevent any sinking or damage to your property.

By austingilmo5153765, Apr 5 2017 03:33AM

Photos of previous projects, new truck & stump grinder decals, as well as new Yard Armor Mats, that help further protect well landscaped yards from trucks & equipment. Don't think because its April that pruning season is almost over, Summer pruning is a great way to reduce those notorious watersprouts on Thundercloud plum trees.

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